The segment of the material plane best known to the races of the world is the Planet of Argus. The world is ruled predominately by human cultures with a few stray nations of other species featuring some prominence. The world is brimming with magic, both ancient and new; And while many folk earn their keep in the world through mundane means of trade, travel, craftsmanship, and agriculture, real money is made in magic in both research and discovery of old.



Population Statistics

While human societies are the most prevalent on the plane, these societies are frequently less xenophobic than the cultures of other Nations

Known World Population ~50 Million

  • Humans: ~220 Million
  • Half-Elfs: ~40 Million
  • Half-Orcs: ~20 Million
  • Elves: ~110 Million
  • Dwarves: ~90 Million
  • Halfling: ~55 Million
  • Dragonborn: ~10 Million
  • Tiefling: ~5 Million